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Please select that you’ve read the contract terms and conditions.  Final agreement will be made as noted below.  These terms and conditions are subject to change, you must refer to the specific email from Merry Laurel Weddings upon agreement.

Terms and Conditions

Package Details:

Package: Basic, Standard, or Premium

Price: $$$

There are three parties involved in this contract:

1. Merry Laurel Weddings: The booking agent.

2. The Contracted Photographer: Actual name will be filled in during confirmation email phase of booking.

3. The Purchaser: Actual name will be filled in during the confirmation email phase of booking.

Terms of Agreement:

• Final payment should be payable to Merry Laurel Weddings and paid before the reception or the night of the reception.

• The buyer(s) agrees to supply  Contracted Photographer a minimum of 2 meals equal to the meals supplied to the guests.  This is void if there are no plans of the photographer attending the reception.

• Parties entering into this contract are permanently bound to fulfill the obligations by this agreement unless one or more of the following conditions apply:
1. All parties mutually agree to leave the agreement and its responsibilities.
2. The wedding reception described herein is completely cancelled, and a minimum of 90 days notice is given.

• In the event that the Contracted Photographer becomes unable to provide his/her services due to complications beyond the control of Merry Laurel Weddings and the said Contracted Photographer, Merry Laurel Weddings the following measures will be taken: An equal or higher qualified Merry Laurel Weddings Contracted Photographer will take the said Contracted Photographer’s place at no additional charge to the Purchaser or said Contracted Photographer based on availability.

• In the event that no contracted photographers qualified from Merry Laurel Weddings are available, Merry Laurel Weddings will pursue another reputable photography service and transfer all information pertinent to the Purchaser, and the $deposit will be refunded to the Purchaser from the said Contracted Photographer.

• Any and all information or details including but not limited to photo selections, wedding timing and information, and reception agenda, must be communicated a minimum of 30 days preceding the wedding reception.

• All photos both pre produced and post produced are the property of both the Purchaser and Merry Laurel Weddings.  Merry Laurel Weddings has full permission from the Purchaser to use photos in marketing material including but not limited to the website, Facebook, or print material.

• Merry Laurel Weddings and/or the Contracted Photographer shall not be held liable for any action arising from or in connection with any individuals not directly affiliated Merry Laurel Weddings only including Merry Laurel Weddings and directly Contracted Photographer’s from Merry Laurel Weddings.

• The Purchaser agrees to assume full responsibility for any and all damages caused by themselves or their guests involving any of the Merry Laurel Weddings or Contracted Photographer’s property including but not limited to camera(s), tripod(s), lenses, camera bags.

• Agreement to these terms and conditions is made official by the when all of the following conditions are met below in numbers 1-4.  Emailing a reply all by directly or indirectly stating “I Agree and Accept terms and conditions.” The response email serves as the electronic signature to all of the terms and conditions stated and/or implied in this contract.

1. The email is sent from Merry Laurel Weddings.

2. The Contracted Photographer replies “I Agree.”

3. The Purchaser replies “I Agree.”

4. The $300 Deposit is made by the Purchaser to Merry Laurel Weddings.

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