Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

A. The contract is not bound until:
1. Merry Laurel Weddings agrees to your reception date via email.
2. The purchaser pays the nonrefundable deposit.* (Unless otherwise noted or discounted by Merry Laurel Weddings)

Terms of Agreement: The purchaser can cancel terms at any time before paying the deposit, thus this form can and should be used for inquiry purposes as well.

• Final payment should be payable to Elk Rack Entertainment, the mother company of Merry Laurel Weddings and paid before the reception or the night of the reception.

• The buyer(s) agrees to supply  Merry Laurel Wedding DJ(s) a minimum of 2 meals equal to the meals supplied to the guests.

• Parties entering into this contract are permanently bound to fulfill the obligations by this agreement unless one or more of the following conditions apply:
1. Both parties mutually agree to leave the agreement and its responsibilities.
2. The wedding reception described herein is completely cancelled, and a minimum of 60 days notice is given.

• In the event that Merry Laurel Weddings becomes unable to provide his services due to complications beyond the control of Merry Laurel Weddings, Elk Rack Entertainment, or any DJ involved, Merry Laurel Weddings will contract another reputable DJ service, at the expense of the purchaser, to fulfill the purchaser’s request and Merry Laurel Weddings’ obligations. The $200 deposit will be refunded.

• Any and all information or details must be communicated a minimum of 15 days preceding the wedding reception.  If the details are submitted after 15 days prior to the wedding, there is no guarantee on song selection.

• Merry Laurel Weddings and/or the DJ working for Merry Laurel Weddings / Elk Rack Entertainment shall not be held liable for any action arising from or in connection with any individuals not directly affiliated with Elk Rack Entertainment or Merry Laurel Weddings. Furthermore, the party(s) contacting Merry Laurel Weddings / Elk Rack Entertainment agrees to assume full responsibility for any and all damages caused by themselves or their guests involving any of the Merry Laurel Weddings / Elk Rack Entertainment property including but not limited to speakers, computer, lights, and vehicle.