Reception Planning

From Reserving Your DJ to the Final Song of Your Reception

1. Reserve a DJ

Make sure we are right for you.  Give us a call or email and ask us any and all specific questions you may have.  After you’ve decided to book with, submit the reservation form.  The DJ for your reception will be in contact with you shortly after submitting this form.  The contract is a simple email process between Merry Laurel, You, the your DJ.  Once the contract is electronically signed off on, click here to pay the $300 deposit.

2. Plan Reception Events and Timeline

Even if you have a wedding planner – the DJ becomes the leader and event planner once the reception begins.  The Merry Laurel Weddings DJ will work with you to selected your reception activities and begin planning the timeline for your reception.  Merry Laurel Weddings will be sure to lead and coordinate with the venue, bar tenders, photographer, and videographer to meet your reception agenda.   Start by downloading and building your reception agenda.  You can see sample reception agendas here.  Download reception agenda planning form here.

3. Select Songs and Dances

Once you have a general draft of the reception timeline – you can begin selecting the songs for your special dances.  Merry Laurel Weddings will coach you through choosing the perfect songs for your dances and grand entrance songs.  Also – you are able to coordinate the style/genre of music for each part of your special evening (cocktail hour, dinner, early dancing, late dancing, etc.)  Be rest assured we will play the style of music you and your guests will love!  Use your music selection and recommendations form. Download suggested song selection for your wedding reception here.

4. Submit Final Plans

At least 15 days in advance, use the form provided on the website here to provide Merry Laurel Weddings with your final reception information and plan, names of those in your bridal party, and any other special instructions.  Even though you may email Merry Laurel Weddings back and forth with your reception planning form as your DJ helps you plan, please submit your final sheet so we have the most updated copy.  Don’t worry – if you have a last minute change we will do our best to accommodate you!  Final payment is also due at this time either by check or PayPal.

5. Get Married!

We will be speaking with you the weeks leading up to your wedding, and will be waiting to see you at your reception to go over bridal party announcements and make any last minute changes to your agenda (if necessary.)  We will coordinate with all of your vendors at the reception to ensure your events go off without problems.  Throughout your reception we will touch base with you to make modifications to your reception events and coordinate accordingly with your photographer et al.

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