Wedding DJ Indiana, PA

Merry Laurel Weddings is seeking two DJs in Indiana County, PA

*Merry Laurel Weddings will provide all of the training and equipment necessary.


Professionalism: Must remain professional in terms of language, dress, and actions.

Outgoing: Must have outgoing personality, and be able to work a crowd.

Public Speaking: Ability to speak in front of a crowd to announce bridal party and other announcements (dinner, cake cutting, dances).  All announcements will be made via microphone.

Microphone Experience:  Though we can train you on how to use a microphone, it is critical that you understand how to use a microphone correctly so the crowd can clearly hear and understand you.

Leadership: Ability to coordinate the reception based on the plan.  Including but not limited to informing photographer of upcoming events, finding bride and groom to keep agenda on schedule, coordinating with the bar to have dollar dance shots ready.  The DJ essentially becomes a the leader and coordinator at the reception.

Promptness:  The candidate must be prompt in getting back to Merry Laurel, brides, and timing at the wedding.  The DJ should arrive early to weddings for proper set-up.  Getting back to Merry Laurel weddings on prospective weddings is essential because a sale can be made or broken from taking too long to confirm with a potential client.

Technical Skills:  Basic technical skills are required, but all can be easily learned.  This includes but is not limited to: Microsoft Word, Word Press, PCDJ, I-Tunes, basic wireless microphone, basic mixer, Mac computer, speakers, camera, and video camera.  You will also be trained on all of these necessary skills.

Roles and Responsibilities

Wedding DJ:

Booking: The majority of weddings will be on Saturdays, most during the summer and fall.  The candidate DJ must be able to plan on average 12 months in advance.  The DJ will have the opportunity to accept or reject each wedding as the opportunity comes to Merry Laurel.  Once the wedding is accepted, via contract with Merry Laurel and the purchasing agents (bride and groom), the wedding becomes the DJ’s responsibility.

Bride Management:  For the weddings which the DJ accepts the DJ will be responsible for coordinating the song selection and agenda with the bride.  Merry Laurel will assist in this process but the DJ is primarily responsible.

The Reception: The DJ will be responsible for setting up all equipment, DJing and emceeing the wedding.  The DJ will lead dances and events including but not limited to bridal party announcements, first dances, dinner announcements, and more.


Paid per wedding on as a sub contractor.

Any/all questions please text: 412.376.7342

Send inquiries or resumes to or text


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