Kelly and Jimmy | Chestnut Ridge in Blairsville, PA

As a wedding Dj and friend we had a great time at Kelly and Jimmy’s wedding in Blairsville, PA at Chestnut Ridge Resort.  Below are some great pictures of the introductions, dancing, toasts, and fun throughout Kelly and Jimmy’s wedding reception.  Photos are courtesy Kelly, Jimmy, and Fineline Weddings.

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Aiello’s Cafe | Ridgway, PA | Suzy and Jeff

April 28, 2012 Suzy and Jeff were wed at Sacred Heart Church in Saint Marys, PA and had their reception at Aiello’s Cafe in Ridgway, PA.  Below is a highlight video featuring Merry Laurel Weddings as their DJ and Reception planner.  Highlights include announcing of the bridal party, garter toss, late night dancing, as well as the first dance.