Contract Terms and Conditions for Lighting

Please select that you’ve read the contract terms and conditions.  Final agreement will be made as noted below.  These terms and conditions are subject to change, you must refer to the specific email from Merry Laurel Weddings upon agreement.

Terms and Conditions

Date: (Insert Date Here)

Package Details: Reception Hall Lighting

Price: $899

There are three parties involved in this contract:

1. Merry Laurel Weddings

2. The Reception Hall: Actual name will be filled in during confirmation email phase of booking.

3. The Purchaser: Actual name will be filled in during the confirmation email phase of booking.

Terms of Agreement:

• Merry Laurel Weddings and/or the Contracted DJ and/or the Reception Hall and/or any employees of the reception hall shall not be held liable for any action arising from or in connection with any individuals not directly affiliated Merry Laurel Weddings or the Reception Hall.

• The Purchaser agrees to assume full responsibility for any and all damages caused by themselves or their guests involving any of the Merry Laurel Weddings property including but not limited to lighting and all lighting accessories.

• Each broken or damaged light will be charged at a rate of $150 per light (including all accessories).

• Any and all information or details including but not limited to light color selection and layout specification must be communicated a minimum of 30 days prior to the wedding reception.

• Payment will made by the Purchaser to Merry Laurel Weddings as follows: First installment $300 upon contract agreement. Second installment $300 90 days prior to the reception date.  Third installment is the remainder of the balance due 30 days prior to the reception.

• Parties entering into this contract are permanently bound to fulfill the obligations by this agreement unless one or more of the following conditions apply:

1. All parties mutually agree to leave the agreement and its responsibilities.

2. If payment terms are broken Merry Laurel Weddings and/or The Reception Hall are not required to fulfill the obligations outlined in this contract.

• The Reception Hall is responsible for setting up the lights as specified by the Purchaser.

• Agreement to these terms and conditions is made official by the when all of the following conditions are met below in numbers 1-4.  Emailing “I Agree.” serves as the electronic signature to all of the terms and conditions stated and/or implied in this contract.

1. The email is sent from Merry Laurel Weddings.

2. The Reception Hall replies “I Agreed.”

3. The Purchaser replies “I Agree.”

4. The $300 Deposit is made by the Purchaser to Merry Laurel Weddings.